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A draft of grading games for this weekend (25 May) was loaded up on the website incorrectly on Tuesday 21 May.

The final version of all grading games for this Saturday will be on the website asap. Probably this afternoon or evening.

Junior Girls Divisions only have been set and this week's games are one the website. Games have been confirmed for this week only at present. More work needs to be done on subsequent rounds of the Junior Girls Divisions - fields, times. home/away etc. This will be done over the next couple of days.

Please note this - games will be confirmed asap - grading games today, Junior Girls Divisions asap this week.

Location of Rototuan High School fields - the field is located behind the main buildings. Best parking is outside The Peak (marked with small red cross on image opposite, and then walk around the northern side of the buildings to the main field (marked with large red cross).

All printable forms, documents and online forms are now listed in the documents and links page (all in one place).

All teams now registered and Premier Senior Boys games on Friday night, first Premier Senior Girls games on Thursday night and second grading games on Saturday 18 May 2024. These games are now available on the Fixtures/Results tab. Any problems should be advised asap - e.g. times, fields, teams not entered etc.

Also, it is very important that scores are updated to Comet as soon as possible after the game. As results needed for setting 3rd grading games on Monday for next Saturday. If you are having problems let me know your score - wssfa2011@gmail.com - and get access to Comet for someone to enter the scores. Thanks.

Note: Spreadsheet also now available whereby you can choose your school name under "Games" (e.g. Hillcrest, Cambridge etc.) and get all the games for your school for the coming week. Enter your school in filter and click "Apply". Click here for Online access to all games this week. (Updated 3:00 pm 15 May 2024). Click here for PDF.

College Day went weill and congratulations to HBHS 1st Xl winning the boys competition and Hillcrest 1st Xl winning the girls competition.

Full results can be found on the right (image gallery click on it to get full size) and a printable pdf using this link College Results 2024.

Access to Comet to enter results:

To assist with the smooth running of entering scores each week schools should have users of the Comet System to enter results. You may have one user that does them all or a user for each team - up to each school how they organize this.

If you require a  new user (or an old user reactivated if they have had a user in the past) of the system please send an email to wssfa2011@gmail.com with the user's first name, last name, the team that they will be entering results for (e.g. HBHS SB Silver), and their email address.

The user will then be set up in Comet and they will get a message from me as below, followed by information about their user details directly from the Comet System.

"Thanks for requesting a user in Comet. You should get details of your new user directly from the Comet system."

Once they have their user they should log into Comet using link below.


Then for help to enter scores into Comet use the link below.

Click here

Team entry fees this year remain the same as 2023 $310 for Premier Division One Senior Boys

Requests for dispensations can be made by using link here - dispensation form.

Invoices for payment of entry fees have been sent to all schools. Please advise if not received or any problems - wssfa2011@gmail.com.

NOTE: A PDF of the calendar has been made available as some seem to not be able to access the online calendar. See Event Calendar PDF tab.

College Day teams confirmed to be played at St Peters on Saturday 4 May commencing at 8:30 am.

  • Premier Girls - Hillcrest, St Peters, St Pauls, HGHS, Cambridge, Rototuna, Waikato Dio and SHGC.
  • Premier Boys, Hillcrest, St Peters, St Pauls, HBHS 1, HBHS 2, Cambridge, Rototuna, and St Johns.

2024 Dispensation form also available.

Any comments or feedback welcome by email to wssfa2011@gmail.com

  • Incorporated Societies Act update – Templates are now available. Matt is still waiting for the Regional Template to come out.


Results for 2023 season

Click here for all final divisions and KO Cup results - in one place!

Congratulations to St Pauls Senior Girls 1st XI winners of the WRA Fairplay Award for the 2023 season.

Steve Schooley