WSSFA KO Cup Finals Korikori Park Saturday 24 September

Congratulations to all teams on making the Knock Out Finals. All went well and results have been updated to the other competitions tab.

Thanks to all that helped on the day including all referees and officials.

Feel free to let us know if there are any questions. 

St Pauls Premier Boys beat HBHS Premier Boys in the Premier Boys KO Cup Final earlier in the week.

5 A Side Soccer United Saturday 17 September

The annual Soccer United Five-A-Side Tournament was successfully run at Jansen Park last Saturday.

Please find the results for the day here. Also, images of the day can be found on the Other Competitions 5 a side 2022 page, in the form of a slide show - click on each image to see a larger image.

WSSFA would also like to thank the main sponsor "Soccer United" and all other sponsors of the day:


TG Branding

Hillcrest Haven

Triclad Cladding Systems

RFM Rental Cars

Research Motors


End of season

If you know you have results outstanding and/or catch up games to play, please advise . I will be chasing up results as well in the next few days.

Saturday 10 September last official league games of the season

Enjoy the last games this weekend. Good luck to all. Some schools and/or teams may have catch up games to play and/or results to update. If you are having problems updating scores to Comet please let me know so I can do this. Would be good to get all scores updated this weekend, so final league positions can be determined.

Thanks for your help.

KO Finals are now on Saturday 24 September

Below is a link to information on the 5 a side with a link to enter this event.

Click here


Things to continue to note

Parents, supporters, coaches, managers, and players – recently I have had a few reports of unwanted, lack of respect, and abusive behaviour at some games, from parents, supporters, coaches, managers and players. Could I just ask all participants in the WSSFA community that we all participate in our competitions in a supportive, understanding of others and with appropriate behaviour fitting to secondary school sporting events.

Also, First team players or players from a higher team – with many premier games being played prior to Saturday mornings, please can schools with premier teams ensure that their premier players are not playing for other teams at their school on Saturday mornings as well (we have already had comments from other schools concerning this happening). Similarly, a reminder that players who are assigned to higher teams should not be playing for lower teams.

Postponements - although there has been an increased number of postponement requests coming through this year, postponement requests will continue to be assessed on a case-by-case basis.

However, teams are still encouraged to accept a request from opposing teams for postponements where the impact of player unavailability is significant and where the school concerned has taken all reasonable steps to avoid a postponement.

Further, it is WSSFA policy that postponements because of "holiday" weekends should be accepted by opposing teams.

In all cases, both teams should contact opposition teams as early as possible and take reasonable steps to ensure games are played, i.e. postponed and played at a later date, rather than cancelled and defaults applied.

If you have a game that is postponed, canceled, or defaulted please make sure you let your opposition and know as soon as possible.

Re-arrangement of fixtures – this season there has seen an increase in the number of teams re-arranging fixtures to be played midweek – in particular Premier Division One Teams. To clarify and assist with the process of changing fixtures in Comet and on the website two new forms have been developed. So if any premier team wishes to change the time, date or field of a fixture please use the forms accessed by the links that have been placed on the fixtures/results page of the website.

Results - please ensure all results for your teams/school are updated to Comet..

Senior Girls 2nd X1 Tournament - Interest in a Girls 2nd XI tournament is being gauged for possible inclusion in future Tournament week schedules.  Please let us know by term two end if your school's 2nd XI team may be interested in future Girls 2nd XI events should they be offered.



Steve Schooley

 Any problems or questions let me know.