Update 28 June

Parents, supporters, coaches, managers, and players – recently I have had a few reports of unwanted, lack of respect, and abusive behaviour at some games, from parents, supporters, coaches, managers and players. Could I just ask all participants in the WSSFA community that we all participate in our competitions in a supportive, understanding of others and with appropriate behaviour fitting to secondary school sporting events.

Also, First team players or players from a higher team – with many premier games being played prior to Saturday mornings, please can schools with premier teams ensure that their premier players are not playing for other teams at their school on Saturday mornings as well (we have already had comments from other schools concerning this happening). Similarly, a reminder that players who are assigned to higher teams should not be playing for lower teams.

Postponements - although there has been an increased number of postponement requests coming through this year, postponement requests will continue to be assessed on a case-by-case basis.

However, teams are still encouraged to accept a request from opposing teams for postponements where the impact of player unavailability is significant and where the school concerned has taken all reasonable steps to avoid a postponement.

Further, it is WSSFA policy that postponements because of "holiday" weekends should be accepted by opposing teams.

In all cases, both teams should contact opposition teams as early as possible and take reasonable steps to ensure games are played, i.e. postponed and played at a later date, rather than cancelled and defaults applied.

If you have a game that is postponed, canceled, or defaulted please make sure you let your opposition and wssfa2011@gmail.com know as soon as possible.

Re-arrangement of fixtures – this season there has seen an increase in the number of teams re-arranging fixtures to be played midweek – in particular Premier Division One Teams. To clarify and assist with the process of changing fixtures in Comet and on the website two new forms have been developed. So if any premier team wishes to change the time, date or field of a fixture please use the forms accessed by the links that have been placed on the fixtures/results page of the website.

Results - please ensure all results for your teams/school are updated to Comet.

Games - this Saturday 2 July is a normal league round. Next Saturday 9 July is the knock-out cup round two. These games are on the website on the “Other Competitions/KO Cup 2022 tab”.

Holidays – from Monday 11 July to Sunday 25 July are school holidays. First games back on Saturday

After Holidays – first Saturday after the holidays will be round seven for Premier Division One teams and round five for all other teams. So the top four/bottom four draws for the Premier Division One teams will be done after round seven, to commence on Saturday 8 August.

Senior Girls 2nd X1 Tournament - Interest in a Girls 2nd XI tournament is being gauged for possible inclusion in future Tournament week schedules.  Please let us know by term two end if your school's 2nd XI team may be interested in future Girls 2nd XI events should they be offered.

My absence – I will be overseas as from Thursday 30 June (traveling on Thursday and Friday so will be basically not contactable) to Friday 29 July. Whilst away I will still be answering email messages and this will be the main method of contact – any messages sent during the day will be actioned first thing the following morning (i.e .when I get up in the morning overseas). This should be fine for most situations but if you have something that is “urgent urgent” please contact Mathew Bryant – 07 857 0297 or 021 268 5293.

Outstanding fees – I will be chasing these up on my return from overseas.

5 A Side – entries for this will be opened in early August.


Update 20 June

KO Cups Round Two now available on Other Competitions/KO Cup tab. KO Cup games should be played on or before Saturday 9 July 2022.

Please note:

  • Senior Girls 1st X1 KO Cup - the winners of Hillcrest v Cambridge Senior Girls 1st X1 Round One game will play St Peters Senior Girls 1st X1 in Round Two
  • Senior Girls KO Cup - Cambridge Senior Girls 2nd X1 have a bye
  • Junior Girls KO Cup - Hillcrest Junior Girls Prems have a bye
  • Junior Boys B KO Cup - the winner of HPC v Ta College will play winner of Thames v Cambridge Barca to decide the last semi-finalist

Teams who did not enter the KO Cups and teams that have been knocked out of the KO Cups will not have a game – so this maybe an opportunity for teams to play catch up games.

Mixed Teams

If you are playing a “mixed” team, understand that those teams have dispensations for girls to play in a boys team and some senior students to play in the team (but only 3 senior students should be on the field at any one time).

Team Lists

A big thank you to  the many team lists that have been submitted, if you have not submitted yours click here to do so.

Click here

To make things easier for you on the official form, addresses, emails and phone numbers of individual team members are not required and dates of birth only if seniors are playing in your team and have had dispensation to play in a junior side. Also, for ease of use, team lists can be submitted using other tools such as a list in Kamar (apologies and thanks to those that have already submitted team lists).

Some other reminders:

  • Team scorecards - premier teams must submit team cards for every game, not doing so may mean a loss of points. Team cards can be submitted online or completed by hand and sent to the WSSFA email address wssfa2011@gmail.com (card is available on the website click here )
  • Junior games are 35 minutes each way and senior games are 40 minutes each way, some teams are not aware of this rule.
  • Fees – fees are now due if your school has not paid their team fees to WSSFA could co-ordinators organize payment as soon as possible. New invoices have been sent out to schools with outstanding fees.


Steve Schooley


 Any problems or questions let me know.