The KO Cup draws are available here - choose the appropriate KO Cup.

Finals are to be played on Saturday 24 September details on this page.

​​​​​​​Teams who did not enter the KO Cups and teams that have been knocked out of the KO Cups will not have a game – so this maybe an opportunity for teams to play catch up games.

Knock out cups are organised this year as follows:

Senior Boys 1st X1 Cup - Premier Division 1 to Division 3

Senior Boys Cup A - Divisions 2 to 4

Senior Boys Cup B - Divisions 5 to 8

Junior Boys Cup A - Divisions 1 to 3

Junior Boys Cup B - Divisions 4 to 6

Senior Girls 1st X1 Cup - Premier Division 1 and Division 2

Senior Girls Cup - Divisions 3 to 4

Junior Girls Cup - Divisions 1 and 2